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Porti 8

Sleep Diagnostic System

The Porti 8 sleep diagnostics system includes a possible 38 channels for full polysomnography.

Whilst the Porti 7 offers comprehensive home screening, the additional channels available with the Porti 8 device make it the ideal solution for the diagnosis of more detailed sleep and neurological conditions or for more complex cases and paediatric patients.

All SleepDoc Porti systems use the same software, consumables and sensors. A range of paediatric accessories is also available for use across the Porti range.


Porti 8 polysomnography device
  • 10 standard channels

  • 28 additional optional channels

  • Low running costs due to inexpensive consumables
  • Internal rechargeable battery which eliminates the cost of disposable batteries
  • Internal battery charges fully in 2 hours
  • Built in microphone to detect snoring via the flow prongs
  • Unique thorax and abdomen belt technology using robust accurate pressure sensors, thus removing the need for expensive specialist belts
  • Removable pressure sensors in the belts, which allows them to be effectively cleaned (machine washable)
  • LEDs on front of unit indicate level of battery charge
  • Fast direct download via USB connection – no SD card required.
  • Simple operation for patients and clinical staff - there are only 4 sensors to apply in the basic 10 channels device (two belts, a finger probe and a flow prong). All other sensors are integrated into the device.
  • All SleepDoc Porti systems use the same software, consumables and sensors

Software Features: 

  • Fully automatic evaluation, diagnosis and report generation
  • Manual editing options
  • Flexible parameter control for the clinician
  • Quick and easy report generator
  • Integration into network
  • Option for data to be sent by e-mail

  • What is the difference between the Porti 7 and Porti 8 devices?
    The Porti 8 offers full PSG and a variety of optional channels and modules, making it suitable for more complex sleep and neurological conditions. It is a complete sleep screening system for use in a clinical setting. The Porti 7 offers 24 channels and is used as a home screening device for the diagnosis of Sleep Apnoea and other sleep related conditions.
  • Does the Porti 8 require separate software?
    All devices in the SleepDoc Porti range use the same software, which is available to download in the dealer area of our website.
  • How long will the battery last before charging is required?
    The battery charges fully in two hours and will run for 16 hours before the unit needs to be charged. This equates to approximately two sleep studies.
  • Is the device easy to use for the patient in their home environment?
    Due to the detailed nature of the studies carried out using the device, the Porti 8 is more suited to hospital use than ambulatory screening.
  • How often should the data be downloaded?
    Data should be downloaded from the Porti 8 after every study
  • Do I require an SD card to download the data?
    No, SD cards are not required with Porti sleep diagnostics systems. Data download with all Porti devices is quick and simple as the data is transferred directly to the PC via a download cable.
  • How often do the belts need to be replaced?
    The effort belts supplied with all Porti devices do not have integrated sensors but rather highly sensitive removable cushions. This allows the belts to be washed and replaced when needed without the replacement costs associated with integrated pressure sensors.
  • Can the Porti 8 detect snoring or is an additional microphone required?
    The Porti 8 has an integrated microphone which detects snoring via the flow prongs.
  • Is the Porti 8 suitable for paediatric patients and what additional accessories are required?
    The Porti 8 is often used for paediatric patients as it offers full a PSG capability. Please contact us for further information on paediatric parts and accessories.
  • Is the Porti 8 capable of automatic sleep staging?
    The Porti 8 unit records and calculates sleep staging by utilising the EEG, EOG & EMG channels and associated electrodes and sensors. Once the measurement has been recorded and downloaded to a PC the Porti software will automatically calculate and validate the sleep stages.


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